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Market and Garage sale 9AM – 3PM

Table spaces are available by donation to the SCA Community Hall fund.

Small business or home garage sales welcome! If you’d prefer to have your garage sale at home, contact us with your address to get put on a map so people can come to you!

(contact us on our socials or via email springbrookassociation@outlook.com to book a table space)


We’re looking for volunteer coaches to help with the youth soccer this season.

This is a great opportunity for volunteer hours. 

Contact: 403-598-0162

For more information.

Do you want a Dog park in Springbrook?

County Councillor Dana Depalme has taken an important step towards improving our community by making a notice of motion for a dog park here in Springbrook. 🐶 🌲

Now we need your support and active participation to turn this vision into a reality! Your voices matter, together we can make this happen. 
Here’s what you can do to help:
1. Send an email to the county mayor. Let’s flood the mayor’s inbox with messages expressing our enthusiastic support for the dog park initiative. Write a brief email emphasizing the positive impact a dog park would have on our community, both for dog owners and non-dog owners alike. Be sure to CC Dana Depalme to keep her informed of your efforts. We have provided their emails and a draft email below.
2. Spread the word. Like, share and comment on our socials.
3. If you’ve written in before, thank you! Please feel free to send it in again! Let’s make our voices be heard!
We can make this happen Springbrook!! 

Let’s make Springbrook better by working together for change!

Emails:      Mayor@rdcounty.ca       Ddepalme@rdcounty.ca       springbrookassociation@outlook.com

Draft Email:
Good Afternoon,
I fully support the notice of motion made by County Councillor Depalme to build a dog park in Springbrook.
We need a dog park in Springbrook as many residents are proud dog owners, yet are left with no option but to travel outside our community to provide our dogs with off-leash exercise. A dog park would allow us to remain in our community, provide incentive for further investment in our community as this is an appealing amenity to all. A dog park also fosters social bonds among fellow residents and promotes a healthier, safer and happier community overall.
I am urging council to support Councillor Depalmes motion for a dog park.
Thank you
Some exciting news on the community hall front! What an amazing community we live in, all the support from our community members, our volunteers, the county and our county councilor has gotten us to this point. We are SO close!! This project has been a long time in development and planning, but we are excited to soon have a place to be the heart of the community. If you would like any more information feel free to email us at springbrookassociation@outlook.com, join one of our monthly meetings, or talk to one of our board members at an event.
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